CSA / Farm Shares Program

Community-Supported Agriculture

CSA or Farm Share programs create a direct relationship between you and our farm. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to growing exceptionally high-quality fruits, vegetables (and flowers!) and provide a bountiful portion of it to you during the peak of the growing season. Your membership helps us pay for seeds, water, equipment maintenance, labor, and supplies. Becoming a CSA member fosters responsible relationships between the food you eat, the land on which it is grown, and those who grow it.

In short, when you join our CSA you will receive a box of fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables every week or every other week during the harvest season. Along with your food, you will receive recipes and helpful tips for freezing or storing in order to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.

Program Features

  • $24 – $32 / Delivery (20+ locations)
  • Personally customized shares
  • Weekly or every-other-week deliveries
  • Reschedule delivery dates or order extras
  • Recipes and cooking tips

How it Works

  1. Select season: Spring, Summer or Fall
  2. Select share size: Family or Half Share
  3. Select add-ons: Options for fresh flowers!
  4. Select pick-up location (see map)
  5. Customize preferences (rate crops, etc)

Ready to join?

You can do everything online at our Harvie.Farm Market portal. We take all major credit cards! You will be able to choose seasons, share sizes and other options! It’s eary!


We’ve got the answers for you! Please visit the FAQs page