Produce + Flowers

We Grow Fruits, Veggies & Flowers!

Falcon Ridge Farm is owned and operated by the Gilmer family who has been passionate about farming for generations. We take the time to gently hand-pick all produce to ensure premium quality and nutritional value. We take great pride in helping feed our community as well as our own family. Our goal is to grow the tastiest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables that we can, in turn, promoting a healthier community.

How Do I Purchase Fruits, Veggies, and Flowers?

There are two ways to purchase Falcon Ridge Farm produce.  Find us at a Local Farmers Market or join our CSA/Farm Share Program for customized shares that meet your individual needs.  See the information below to learn more.

Farmers’ Markets

  • No commitment
  • Multiple Vendors
  • Online pre-ordering available
  • Festive atmosphere
  • Multiple market locations to choose from

CSA / Farm Share

  • Feature-rich program
  • Weekly fruit & vegetable boxes
  • Customized experience
  • Recipes & cooking tips from our Blog
  • 20+ delivery locations in West Tennessee

Can we tempt you with a bouquet?
Just let us show you a sample of the lovely flowers we grow and the lavish arrangements our talented FarmHands have put together! C’mon … take a peek!